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 ====== Newspaper Feeds: ====== ====== Newspaper Feeds: ======
-{{url>http://www.linguascope.com/widgets/newsfeeds/bin/index.html 460px,100px}}+<html> 
 +<iframe src="https://www.linguascope.com/widgets/newsfeeds/bin/index.html" width="800px" height="175px" style="border: none;"></iframe> 
-~~socialite:name facebook twitter pinterest linkedin email reddit xing vk taringa~~+~~socialite:name facebook twitter pinterest linkedin email ~~
 ======== LINKS TO PAGES ======== ======== LINKS TO PAGES ========
 [[language|IB - LANGUAGE A]] [[language|IB - LANGUAGE A]]
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 [[ib_language|IB - LANGUAGE B]] [[ib_language|IB - LANGUAGE B]]
 +[[french_ab_initio|IB - AB INITIO]]
 [[a2_french|A2]] [[a2_french|A2]]
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 [[early_years_french|EARLY YEARS FRENCH]] [[early_years_french|EARLY YEARS FRENCH]]
-[[francais_-_grammaire|FRANCAIS GRAMMAIRE]]+[[francais_-_grammaire|GRAMMAIRE FRANÇAISE]]
 {{youtube>QFWHAnVudZI?small}} {{youtube>QFWHAnVudZI?small}}
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